How to lose belly fat exercise for men and women quickly

How to lose belly fat exercise

How to lose belly fat exercise

How to lose belly fat exercise: Today, all people in the world are troubled by stomach fat. It is not less than a headache. Every human wants his stomach to be perfectly fit and slim. But once the stomach grows, it does not take the name of diminishing. But you will need patience to reduce your abdominal fat. Similarly, diet and exercise should be taken carefully. This way you can get rid of belly fat. We also gain weight due to not having good and adequate sleep. Along with this, fat is also stored in different parts of the body. Increasing stress causes hormonal changes, which is also a big reason for fat accumulation in the body. Therefore, we need to get stress-free and sleep for at least 7-8 hours. So let’s first know what is the reason for increasing abdominal fat.

What is Obesity (fat)

Obesity is a condition when too much body fat accumulates on the body and starts to affect our health. Many diseases start occurring in our body. Possibly this obesity can also reduce our lifespan.

Causes of increased abdominal fat

Today we are going to tell you many reasons for the accumulation of fat on the stomach, so that the fat can be increased on your stomach. There are many reasons for fat accumulation on the stomach and it is very important to tell you these reasons. Abdomen or body First fat is stored in the stomach. Increased fat increases body weight. Obesity on the body means inviting many diseases. Therefore, due to accumulation of fat in different parts of the body, many health problems arise. Many problems arise such as cholesterol, blood pressure, dementia and heart attack. Due to accumulation of fat on the stomach and body is as follows.

Alcohol consumption

If you consume alcohol, then be aware. Because consumption of alcohol causes obesity on the body. In this way, many health related diseases are also started.

Growing old

Growing age is also a major reason for increasing body fat. With the increasing age, there is a lot of change in the way we live our lives. Due to which fat starts accumulating in different parts of our body, due to which fatness comes on our whole body.

Lack of physical activity

Many people are so busy that they are unable to do any physical work, so they are surrounded by obesity. But some people do not do any physical activity due to their laziness. This is also a reason for increasing obesity.

Processed food intake

Its consumption is actually very harmful for health. Processed food contains high amount of fructose due to which our stomach fat increases rapidly. Along with the stomach, fat is collected all over the body.


According to the research of scientists, if a family has a problem of obesity, then the next generation may also have to face this problem.

Change in hormones

Hormones change more in women than hormones in men. When women reach the middle of their lives, fat increases much faster than weight in women. During menopause, the level of oestrogen hormones decreases and the level of androgen hormones is high. In this way, the fat around the waist increases due to changes in hormones.

Low protein and high carbs intake

Excess intake of carbs and junk food increases our obesity rapidly. We should keep our diet balanced and increase the amount of protein.

How to lose belly fat exercise

A person realizes of weight gain when his clothes start getting tight and problems like breathing while climbing stairs. Then the person starts worrying about his obesity and this worry increases obesity further. Due to which obesity is high, it also spoils our personality as well as gives rise to diseases. We start feeling embarrassed and think of reducing it. We will tell you all those things, keeping in mind what exercises we can do to get rid of your stomach obesity.

Naukasana can reduce your lose belly fat with exercise

Yes, boat pose exercise does not just reduce belly fat but also reduces body weight. Doing boat pose will also increase the brightness of your face. Because blood circulation in the body flows well by performing boat pose.

How to lose belly fat exercise

Methods of naukasana

  • To do this exercise, first lie down on the ground.
  • Now take a deep breath.
  • After breathing, raise your shoulders and head.
  • Similarly, now raise your feet too.
  • Now notice that your arms, legs and shoulders should be the same.
  • After remaining in this state for some time, you slowly exhaled and brought your hands, feet and shoulders back to the previous state.
  • Repeat this process 3-4 times.

Benefits of naukasana

  • Doing this exercise eliminates all stomach problems
  • This exercise reduces abdominal fat.
  • By doing yoga asana, the digestive system becomes stronger.
  • It is helpful in strengthening the abdominal muscles.
  • By doing this, the loose skin of the feet tightens.

Make your waist thin with Uttrasana (lose belly fat exercise)-

If you want to slim your waist and give your body a shape, then the practice of Uttrasana is for you. So let’s know how it is done and what are its benefits.

How to lose belly fat exercise

Methods of Uttrasana for lose belly fat exercise

  • First you lay a mat on the ground.
  • Now you sit kneeling on the mat, in the same way you sit in Vrajasana.
  • Keep the thighs together and the paws of your feet should be on the floor backwards.
  • After doing all this, now stand on your knees.
  • Make sure that the distance between the knees and the toes of the feet is equal.
  • Now take a long breath and while exhaling bend your waist backwards, while bending the waist, try to hold the right heel with the right hand and the left heel with the left hand.
  • After some time, it will come to its first state.
  • Repeat this process 4-5 times.

Benefits from Uttrasana

This exercise makes the stomach and waist flexible. Along with the waist, it also reduces abdominal fat. It is beneficial for women in menstrual problems.

Reduce your lose belly fat with Bhujangasana exercise-

If you want to reduce your belly fat fast, then include Bhujangasana along with other exercises. This exercise is very beneficial for reducing abdominal fat.

How to lose belly fat exercise

Method of performing Bhujangasana

  • To do this exercise, first of all lie down on your stomach.
  • After lying down, bring both your hands near the chest and place the palms of your hands on the ground.
  • Now taking a deep breath, slowly rise from the side of the chest.
  • All you have to do is get up
  • After this, release your breath slowly and return to your first state.
  • Repeat this entire process 8-9 times.

Benefits from Bhujangasana ( lose belly fat exercise)

  • This exercise reduces your abdominal fat and waist fat.
  • By doing this exercise daily, obesity around the waist ends.
  • Doing this brings strength to the arms and shoulders.
  • Eliminates the problem of back and back pain.
  • It is highly beneficial in removing all the diseases of the stomach.
  • By doing this, appetite becomes normal and one gets relief from constipation problem.

Chakrasana is very beneficial for lose belly fat exercise

If you talk about Chakrasana, then this asana is not so easy. As much as it sounds. It should be done very carefully. We are going to tell you a very easy way to do this.


Method of Chakrasana

  • First of all, lie back on the mat.
  • Now bend your knees.
  • After this, while touching your ankles with your buttocks, keep your feet at a distance of 12-13 inches.
  • Now raise your arms and fold the elbows.
  • After this, keep the palms of your hands slightly above the shoulders and near the head on the ground.
  • Now breathe in and raise your entire body up and fold your back.
  • Leave your head hanging and stretch your legs and hands.
  • Breathe in slowly and exhale slowly.
  • Stay in this posture for as long as possible.
  • After this, bring your body down slowly.
  • Then bring the body to the previous state.
  • Let the body rest on the ground and rest.
  • This ended one of your cycles.
  • In this way you repeat chakrasana 4-5 times.

Benefits of Chakrasana

  • It reduces belly and waist fat.
  • Chakrasana prevents old age.
  • Very beneficial for skin beauty.
  • Strengthens the spine and removes spinal problems.
  • Provides good shape to the waist.
  • Makes the chest left.
  • Strengthens shoulders and knees.
  • Relieves all digestive system problems.
  • Heart becomes healthy.
  • Brings vitality in the body.

Keep these precautions while Chakrasana

  • Never have to do it to make this easy.
  • People who have heart problems, do not do that exercise.
  • Those with high blood pressure avoid doing this.
  • Women should not do it during menstruation.
  • Do not do it in case of dizziness.
  • Do not do it in eye defects, hernia, neck pain.


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