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How to gain weight at home without any equipment?

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How to gain weight at home without any equipment?

How to gain weight at home: Nowadays people are troubled by obesity due to wrong eating habits, while some people are getting upset due to their thinness. Due to wrong diet, people’s body has deteriorated so much that handling it has become a disaster for people. Due to weight loss, it directly affects our personality and it causes an embarrassment. Losing weight or being overweight is not good for health, due to which many diseases can surround you.

Always eating healthy food has been considered the secret of healthy body. Many people start using medicines and supplements to increase weight, but for that you need to be careful. Due to this, you are always at risk of getting diseases.

Reason behind thinness

There can be many reasons for losing weight such as:

  • You may lose weight even if you do not take your supplements properly or they are lacking some nutrients.
  • Lack of nutritious food in food can also reduce your weight.
  • Not eating on time or staying hungry mostly can also cause you to become thin.
  • Weakness of the body’s digestive system may also cause you to suffer from thinness.
  • Sometimes the reason for your thinness and thinness can also be genetic.
  • If one’s parents are thin, then their effect can be seen on children, so it can be a reason for being thin.
  • Even if you are mostly sick, your body weight may be reduced.
  • If you lack food or do not take it on time due to daily exercise, it can also result in loss of weight due to loss of muscles.
  • If you are suffering from a disease like thyroid, there is a possibility of losing weight.
  • People with diabetes also lose weight.
  • Weight loss can also be seen due to any kind of infection in the body.

Diet for weight gain

How to gain weight at home: Although there are many diets for weight gain, but we will tell you some ways by which you can increase your weight very fast.

Eat nutritious food regularly

You have to include nutritious foods in your diet so that you can get all the nutrients that will cause you to gain weight. You have to stay away from junk food as it can spoil your health. If you like junk food more then you can consume it once a month. But include maximum nutritious grains in the diet like sprouted gram, sprouted moong etc.

Include protein in the diet

To gain weight, you need to include a protein-rich diet in your diet. Protein is able to build muscle of the body. Which can help you gain weight. There is no shortage of protein for non-vegetarians but it can become a problem for vegetarian people. Therefore, it is very important to have protein to gain weight.

Consume complex carbohydrates

There are 2 types of carbohydrates – simple and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are digested very quickly, and the energy from them starts converting into obesity. This includes fine flour, junk food and sugar, etc. Fibre is found in complex carbohydrates that strengthen metabolism and digestive system. They digest very slowly and provide energy to the body for a long time. This includes food grains and vegetables etc.

Contain fatty substances

Fatty foods also help a lot in weight gain. Along with this, they also provide strength to the body. They keep the digestive system healthy and the body keeps building energy. It helps in making our muscles flexible. They help in removing bad substances from the body. Fatty substances act like a watchman in the body. This includes dry fruits, milk products, etc.

Keep eating fruits

Many nutritious ingredients are found in fruits which will help you in increasing weight. Many types of vitamins and minerals are found in them, which will help you in keeping your body healthy. Will contribute to strengthen your basal metabolic rate and digestive system. It contains all kinds of fruits like banana, guava, papaya, apple, pomegranate etc.

Drink milk products

Milk is considered very effective in increasing weight. Therefore, you must include milk products in your diet. These will help you to gain weight like milk, cheese, ghee and butter etc.

Drink more water

Water is nothing less than a boon for our body. You must drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water per day. It contains many types of minerals that the body needs. Water eradicates many types of diseases and removes them from the body through urine.

Be sure to sleep deeply

Lack of sleep is not good for your health. You should take deep sleep daily so that the body can stay healthy. Many people have a lot of sleep problems due to their stress. Nowadays due to work stress too many people are unable to complete their sleep which is a very bad thing.

Exercises for weight gain

How to gain weight at home: There are many exercises that you can do easily at home without going to the gym. We will tell you about some exercises that can be more effective in weight gain. But if you want to go to the gym then you must go because there you will find many types of machines. We will tell you about the exercises that you can do anywhere.

  • Reduce running as it can reduce your weight rather than increase.
  • Do the most squats, this is the best leg exercise. You can take 3 to 4 sets of this exercise which includes 30 squats in one set. When you start doing them easily, you can increase its number.
  • Performing push ups exercises your chest well. Along with the chest, other muscles of the body also help in this, which also helps them to exercise. Therefore, do these.
  • Back exercises are very good by doing Pull ups, so definitely include them in the exercise.
  • Rope jumping exercises can be done once a week. Do not exercise too much, otherwise you may lose weight.
  • Crunches are considered very good for abdominal exercises, so include them in your exercise too.
  • Plank is also a very good exercise for the stomach and all parts of the body. You can also include it.
  • Make sure the body warm-up before exercising, it helps in good blood flow and the body works well.
  • After finishing the exercise, do stretching, it will remove muscle stiffness and the body will remain flexible.
  • People who want to do yoga can do yoga because they also help in weight gain.
  • In the initial stages you may have trouble in exercising, but as you practice, the problem will reduce.

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