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How to gain weight in a month

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How to gain weight in a month

How to gain weight in a month: To gain weight in a month, you should consume the things mentioned. By consuming them, you can increase your weight rapidly and make your body strong. If you have been very upset with your leanness, then the measures mentioned for you can prove to be very effective. Being lean is also harmful to our health. This also kills our personality. So, keeping in mind your healthy body, keep telling you about some things so that you can regain your lost personality.

Eat banana to gain weight in a month

Banana consumption is very beneficial both for our body and health. It contains plenty of fibre through which our digestive system remains healthy. Banana is found in sufficient amount of potassium which the body needs. By consuming it you also feel your stomach full. Banana intake is considered very good for increasing weight. By taking it regularly, you also feel good. Iron is also found in bananas, due to which many diseases are eradicated. To gain weight, you must consume at least 5 bananas a day.

gain weight in a month

Eat eggs

Proteins are found in plenty in eggs, which is very beneficial in building muscles. Muscle building of the body is possible only with protein. So if you do gym then you must have often heard that protein intake should be good for weight gain. Therefore, most people also use products like whey protein. Regular intake of them increases the length of hair and enhances the skin. Due to this, memory also increases. Those whose eyes are weak should also consume eggs, because the light of the eyes starts to increase by consuming them. If you really want to increase your weight, then use about 5 to 6 eggs daily. You will get a lot of benefits.

gain weight in a month

Drink milk

Protein is also found in plenty of milk, so you can increase your weight by consuming it daily. Along with protein, calcium is also found in it which is very important for our bones and teeth. Milk should be consumed to keep the body always energetic. For people living under stress, its use also proves very beneficial. You should also consume milk regularly to keep the body hydrated. The biggest treasure of milk is the hidden protein in it. Let us tell you that all the protein supplements available in the market are made from milk only. Therefore, we should give more importance to milk rather than supplementation.

gain weight in a month


A lot of calcium is found in raisins, which helps to strengthen bones. It also contains natural sugar which helps in digesting food and keeping the digestive system correct. If you soak raisins like almonds and eat it, you can get results very quickly. Your weight will start increasing rapidly. With this, your basal metabolic rate is also good and obesity is also under control. For good health and health, you should consume 10 to 15 soaked raisins on an empty stomach in the morning.

gain weight in a month

Complex carbohydrates

There are two types of carbohydrates, one is simple and the other is complex. Consumption of simple carbohydrates increases obesity and is also the cause of diseases. The things in which white flour (Maida) is used all come in simple carbohydrates. Due to the high amount of fibre in complex carbohydrates, they provide long-term energy. This keeps the digestive system strong and also keeps the body healthy. Its role in weight gain is very important. All the things that are used to make flour come in complex carbohydrates.

gain weight in a month

Do exercise

Exercise makes our body healthy and strong. Exercise daily keeps the muscles active. This allows them to maintain flexibility. Exercise increases the size of the muscles in your body, which gives the body a good shape. This also creates your personality and you stay away from diseases. You can go to the gym to exercise or even do it at home. There are many exercises that can be done at home. You can also increase your weight through yoga. There are many types of easy ones, by which the muscles become active and weight increases.

do exercise

Eat fruits & vegetables to gain weight in a month

A lot of vitamins and minerals are found in fruits and vegetables which help us in keeping the body healthy. You should include fruits and vegetables as a salad in your diet daily. This will help you a lot in gaining weight. Eat raw vegetables as much as possible because the essential nutrients are not destroyed and the body provides all kinds of nutrients. By over-cooking vegetables, some nutrients in them are destroyed, which our body does not get the benefit of. They are also found high in fibre which keeps our digestive system balanced and healthy. By taking them regularly, the face also starts to improve. Also get rid of pimples and acne.

fruits and vegetables

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