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How to gain weight and muscle

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How to gain weight and muscle

How to gain weight and muscle: You all must know that as soon as a problem is born, its solution also takes birth. If you are troubled by your low weight then there are many solutions for that as well. Whatever your routine is, only a small change in it can eliminate your problem. Many people continue to be troubled by their thinness and seek solutions. We have come up with a solution for your problem, so that you can increase your weight rapidly and also increase the size of your muscles.

Bring a change in diet to gain weight and muscle

Our food is the most important character to achieve fitness. Therefore you must understand its importance. You should take a balanced diet so that energy is created in the body at all times. In a balanced diet, take the food keeping in mind the amount of protein, complex carbohydrates and fats. If you eat outside food then you must definitely avoid it and also need to stay away from eating too spicy. During today’s lifestyle, our food and drink has become very bad due to which the body stops supporting us. Therefore, you first need to change your diet, this will help a lot in increasing your weight and muscle mass.

Get used to exercising daily

Weight gain is not a very difficult task, rather it is a little difficult to reduce obesity. Weight can be increased in 2 ways, the first is to increase obesity and the second way is to increase your weight by increasing muscle mass. In which the best way is to gain weight by increasing muscle mass. It also gives your body a good shape. If you want to increase your weight quickly then you should go to gym and do weight training. This makes your muscles grow faster if you eat a balanced diet.

You should also increase your weight by exercising at home because even being underweight is not good for our body. In the gym, you also get many types of machines which get different exercises. But weight training at home is not as good. To train at home you will need a trainer who can tell you the right position and exercise. So you have to give up your laziness and put on the habit of exercising daily.

Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily

Sleep is very important for both our body and health. At bedtime, our body starts repairing muscles, which causes them to grow in size. When you do weight training, the muscles are broken and the body has to repair muscles by taking a balanced diet with it. So that if you lift the same weight twice, then there is no harm to the muscles. Therefore, during sleep, the body repairs the muscles and increases the size of the muscles. This gives your body a good shape and also increases weight.

Eat more calories to gain weight and muscle

First you need to know your basal metabolic rate. In the basal metabolic rate, you need to know how much calories you need daily to keep your weight balanced. For this, you can find out by searching BMR calculator in Google. In this, you will be asked some information that you have to put in that calculator, then it will tell your BMR accordingly.

When you come to know how many calories you have to consume in a day to keep your weight balanced, you will have to take 500 calories more than that to gain weight. Only then your weight will increase rapidly. When muscles are broken during exercise, they require more energy. The body needs more calories to make more energy. Due to which it becomes mandatory for you to consume more calories in your diet.

Include fruits and vegetables in the diet

The body needs some vitamins and minerals while increasing weight and muscle mass. Vitamins and minerals are found in plenty in fruits and vegetables. If you take them regularly, then all the requirements of the body will start being fulfilled. By which it will help you in increasing your muscles and weight. Eat raw vegetables as much as possible, which we know by the name of salad. Many nutrients are destroyed during cooking of vegetables, which we need. Therefore, you should consume raw vegetables as much as possible.

Keep the body hydrated

Many people also make the mistake that they do not keep the body hydrated. You all must have read in science that our body contains 70 percent water. This water is in our muscles, which keeps them bloated. Therefore you should use about 5 to 6 litres of water in a day. During the repair of our muscles it is necessary to have sufficient amount of water in the body. Due to less water, the repair of muscles is not completed, due to which the muscles start shrinking. As soon as it starts shrinking, your weight will start to decline. So keep the amount of water as good as possible so that you can achieve your goal.

In the end, we want to tell you not to use any kind of medicines for weight gain or loss. This causes a lot of damage to your body. Increase or decrease your weight in the natural way as much as possible.

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