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How to grow hair faster and how to grow hair naturally

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How to grow hair faster

Grow hair faster: Does your hair grow slowly? Or your hair falls a lot. If yes, then this post will be very helpful for you. Actually every woman wants her hair to be thick and long. The hair enhances the beauty of the woman as well as her confidence. In today’s busy life a person is unable to take care of his hair and body. Due to which they also have to face many problems. Hair is called the crown of a woman’s head. Today, hair loss problem has become common. Hair falls more due to wrong diet and pollution. To make hair healthy and dense, it is very important to take care of them.

What is hair?

Hair is the outer skin growth of mammalian creatures. The growths on the human body are also called hairs. Hair can also be soft and can be stiff. Nature has given hair to creatures living in cold and hot areas. Which protect the head from overheating in summer. In this way, it also protects hair from sudden attack from hard object. Our hair protects us when we have excess of heat and cold.

What causes hair fall?

Hair loss is the result of our carelessness. When we do not take care of our hair and do not take good care of them, then our hair loss problem and dryness etc. comes. Due to which hair starts to break from the middle. So let us know what causes our hair to become more weak and tarnished.

  • Some women shampoo their hair every day. Due to which the hair becomes more weak and breaks.
  • Some women rub their hair too much with a towel. When their hair is wet. This causes more injury to the hair because the hair becomes slightly weaker after getting wet. In this way, they are broken by rubbing. So never comb or rub them in wet hair.
  • To give heat to the hair, most of the women give hair to the hair to give different shape to the hair, which is harmful for the hair. Therefore, protect the hair from excess heat.
  • Not having regular trimming of hair is also a symptom of hair deterioration.
  • If your diet is not balanced then your hair does not get balanced nutrition. Due to which hair fall starts.

Home remedies to grow hair faster-

Hair growth has always been a cause of attraction. Everyone wants his hair to look long and beautiful. We can also say that hair is the crown of women’s head. Women whose hair is long, thick and strong, they look very beautiful. Today we will talk about some home remedies to keep hair healthy. One thing must be kept in mind that eating and drinking are very important for hair length and health. Because it makes our hair stronger internally. Following are some of the home remedies to make hair shiny, long and thick.

Onion juice for Grow hair faster


  • Two big onions
  • Piece of cotton
  • A small bowl

Method of use: First, peel the onion and cut it into small pieces. Or grate the onion and extract the juice with the help of sieve. If cut into small pieces, then grind them in a grinder. Then take out the juice with the help of sugar and take it out in a bowl. Now apply the juice to the hair roots with the help of a codon ball. After applying the juice to all the roots, leave the hair to dry for 30 minutes. After all these procedures are done, wash your hair with good shampoo. Washing the hair, cover the hair and after 20 minutes open the hair and let it dry.

Benefits: The nutrients present in hair juice are considered very useful for hair. A high amount of sulphur is found in the onion, which increases the amount of collagen. This process keeps the pH level of the hair balanced. Onion juice causes new hair to grow. Therefore, it helps the hair to grow long, thick and shiny as well as grow new hair. This process can be done once or twice a week.

Note: The smell of light onion juice may come from the hair. If you have a problem of burning, itching or dryness in your head, then first check the application of onion juice in a small part of your head. If any problem arises, then avoid using otherwise you can use it.

Aloe Vera for Grow hair faster


Method of use: First we will cut Aloe Vera in the middle with the help of a knife. Then take out the pulp in a bowl. You should whip this pulp properly and then apply it to the roots of the hair with the help of brush or hands. While applying pulp, gently massage the roots with light hands. Then leave it for at least one hour. Shampoo your hair after the time is over. Washing the hair, cover the hair and after 20 minutes open the hair and let it dry.

Benefits: Aloe Vera contains some nutrients that make our hair black, thick and strong as well as shiny. It makes the hair soft and simultaneously gets rid of dandruff.

Note: If you have a problem of burning, itching or dryness in your head, first check the Aloe Vera by applying it on a small part of the head. If any problem arises, wash the hair immediately and avoid use otherwise you can use it.

Coconut Oil for Grow hair faster


  • coconut oil
  • A lemon
  • Vitamin E capsule
  • A small bowl

Method of use: First of all, heat the coconut oil lightly (lukewarm) in a bowl. Then After lukewarm oil, add half a teaspoon lemon juice and a vitamin E capsule to it. After this, apply oil in the roots of your head with light hands and massage it. After massaging leave the hair for the whole night. Then in the morning shampoo your hair. After washing the hair, cover the hair well and after 20 minutes, open the hair and let it dry.

Benefits: Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it takes special care of the skin of the head and relieves the problems of scalp. Coconut oil also removes sebum that settles on the scalp. Due to which the hair is sure to be healthy.

Note: If you have dandruff in your head, do not use lemon. The only reason for this is that lemon will irritate the scalp. Because lemon contains a lot of acid.

Garlic for Grow hair faster


  • One or two pieces of garlic
  • Two teaspoons honey ‘
  • A bowl

Method of use: Firstly grind garlic buds. Then mix two spoons of honey in it. Apply the mixture made of honey to your scalp with the help of hands. Leave hair like this for 40 minutes. Now wash the hair with shampoo as per the time. After shampooing, cover the hair well and after 20 minutes open the hair and let it dry.

Benefits: A mixture of garlic gel and betamethasone Valerate works like a therapy. Which makes the hair thick, long and beautiful. Use it once a week.

Henna for Grow hair faster


  • A cup of henna
  • A cup of yogurt
  • The bowl

Method of use: Mix the henna powder in curd and prepare a paste. If you make paste of henna in an iron vessel, it is more beneficial. Because it gives our hair a quantity of iron as well. Now apply the paste to the hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash hair with plain water when it’s time.

Benefits: Mehndi ends hair loss problem. Inside the henna, telogen effluvium is found which increases the growth of our hair. Mehndi colours the hair in a natural way and also works as a condition in the hair.

Note: Instead of mehndi sold in the market, grind the henna leaves yourself and use them to make a paste.

Yoga is necessary for hair health

Downward posture:

grow hair faster

By doing this asana, blood circulation of our head is good. This has a profound effect on our hair growth. To perform this asana, we have to first lie down on the ground. Then you have to raise your hips and bring your body to V shape. You have to remain in this state for at least 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, you have to come back to the previous state. Do this process 7 to 8 times.


Grow hair faster

To do this asana, first lie down on the ground. Take a deep breath and lift your legs upwards. Raise the legs until an angle of 90 degrees is formed. Along with this, raise the waist slowly and support the waist with hands. Thus, he remained in this state for some time without breathing. Then come back to this state and take a deep breath. If you do this easy at least 5 times daily, then your hair growth will be very good.


In today’s topic we have discussed about hair growth. Hope you like this information. For hair growth, we need a balanced diet, exercise and their care. If you take good care of your hair, then there will be no problem in the health of your hair.

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