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High protein diet for weight gain | Will I gain weight if I eat strong food?

by foggfitness

High protein diet for weight gain

High protein diet for weight gain: The topic or question that we are going to talk about is also a much asked question because there are many misconceptions in our country due to which people do not know what to do. The reason for this is that everyone starts giving their opinion without thinking so that the brain of the person is unable to think properly what to do and what not to do. Therefore, we will discuss this question today, according to your body, what would be right for you to do. Let us try to know the answer to this, if we eat strong food at night, will the weight gain fast or not.

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The answer is “NO”. You must have heard that you should always eat light food at night. Due to which it has become a custom nowadays that one should always eat light food at night. But first of all it matters what you have eaten in the food, not when you have eaten it. If you eat sugary foods at night, it can cause problems for you. Now here are two ways that you can increase your weight such that you can either be obese or you can increase your weight by achieving fitness.

If you sit in front of TV till late night and consume high calorie foods i.e. cookies, ice cream and cakes etc., you can increase your weight soon. But it will be only in the form of obesity and not in the form of fitness. Now it is not that if you do this food at night, then only your weight will increase. These sugary foods are by their nature foods that increase weight rapidly, not that you are eating late at night. If you want to increase your weight while achieving fitness, then as a standard exercise you should reduce the amount of carbohydrate in the food at night. Because excessive intake of carbohydrate causes it to turn into fat, which can lead to obesity.

A good dinner is one that should have high enough amounts of fibrous carbohydrates such as green vegetables and salads. Along with this, first-class protein like chicken, fish and cheese etc. should also be included. Dinner also includes complex carbohydrates i.e. whole grains as a muscle-strengthening diet. Which strengthens your muscles and also helps in increasing weight. Now you must have understood that if you eat food at night then your weight will increase or not. We hope that you have found the answer to your question.

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