Ideal body fat percentage calculator | Benefits and improvements

Ideal body fat percentage calculator

Ideal body fat percentage calculator | Benefits and improvements

Ideal body fat percentage calculator | Benefits and improvements: In this topic, we will try to know about the last aspect of fitness, Ideal body composition. We will know what is an ideal body composition? how it works and what is the importance of this aspect in fitness.

What is an ideal body composition & Ideal body fat percentage calculator

It is the power to take care of the perfect ratio of fatty fibres and lean body mass. A person with a perfect body composition is claimed to be during a condition, when the contribution of the fatty fibres to his full weight doesn’t exceed 15 percent. A lady with a perfect body composition is claimed to be during a condition when the contribution of the fatty fibres to her full weight doesn’t exceed 20 percent.

Helps to improve performance in sports

ideal body fat mass

Ideal body composition is the ratio of fat to lean mass, so it is very important to know the difference between these two fibres.

  • Lean mass has tone (strength) and shape (shape), whereas fat does not have both. So if you increase the lean mass, your body gets a good shape.
  • Due to increase lean mass, the body gets strengthened and due to increase in fat, the body becomes unformed and the body size is destroyed.
  • Lean mass is metabolically active in metabolic activity, whereas fat is not metabolically active and does not help in energy expenditure. It acts as a storehouse of energy in the body, which is used during the long-term calorie deficit.
  • Therefore, the increase in lean mass increases the basal metabolic rate, which is very important for our health. A decrease in lean mass reduces the basal metabolic rate, which causes more fat to accumulate in the body.
  • The increase in lean mass increases the strength of the musculoskeletal system, while increasing fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Understanding the interdependencies of fitness aspects

If the body composition does not remain in its ideal form by increasing the adipose tissue by 15 percent in the male body and 20 percent in the body of the woman, then all the parameters of fitness performance are affected. For example, a person with very musculoskeletal strength can lift their body against the wall. If a person has a large amount of unused fat in his body, then he may not be able to lift his weight despite having sufficient strength. A person with good cardiovascular and muscular endurance can easily climb 10 floors. However, if a person has a large amount of adipose tissue in his body, he will be very tired despite having a lot of strength. The reason for this is that so much fat accumulates in his body as if someone is climbing 10 floors with 2 heavy bags.

body fat of a woman

A person with a very soft and flexible skeletal muscle will have no problem moving their joints in every way. However, a person who has a high amount of fat in his body and a soft muscular muscle, he cannot tie his shoes because his stomach will be completely obstructed by his hip joint. In this way, the flexibility of the ideal body composition is also affected. This makes one thing clear that for general fitness and improving performance, one aspect of fitness cannot be relied upon. If any one aspect of fitness becomes weak then the body is not able to function very well.

There is only one way to improve the standard of living, face the process of aging and perform well in all competitive sports. Include all these aspects of fitness in your fitness program and pay full attention to it and all aspects should get equal importance.

How to improve Ideal body composition

If you want to improve this aspect of fitness, then you need to take care of all the other 4 aspects and to do them better by taking a nutritious diet (nutrition of active person) based on the elements of Sport Nutrition it can be won. All types of exercises exert pressure on the musculoskeletal system to build more muscles in the body and cause muscle breakdown. Due to this, the requirement of nutritional protein required for muscle building increases. Therefore, if the requirement of protein in the body is not fulfilled, then it is not possible to increase the tissue absorbed by exercise.

ideal body fat ratio

You should get at least 10% of calories from mono unsaturated fatty acids and poly unsaturated fatty acids. These oils provide essential fatty acids to the body which help in maintaining ideal metabolism. Carbohydrates should be primarily complex carbohydrates so that insulin does not grow rapidly. The amount of carbohydrate depends on the physical structure of the person. The lean person needs too much carbohydrate for the accumulation of protein. Obese person has to reduce the amount of carbohydrate to remove the fat stored in his body.

If all things are squeezed, then a person gets ideal body composition by combining exercise and proper nutrition. The formula to improve overall general fitness is as follows.

Cardiovascular activities including at least 3 times a week activities of both the lower and upper parts of the body + maximum strength training 4 days a week, which has higher supplemented compound and power movement + stretching after cardio and strength training + appropriate sports nutrition every day + Relaxation = Better general fitness.


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