How to reduce body fat | How to lose belly fat in 2 weeks?

How to reduce body fat

How to reduce body fat and belly fat

How to reduce body fat: You must have heard about obesity, how harmful obesity is to our body. It is not only the beauty of your body but also gives rise to many diseases. Under this, a person’s weight becomes so much that bad effects start to affect his health. If a person consumes too many calories, then there is always a risk of becoming obese. Because excess calories are stored in the form of fat and invite diseases. A person becomes inactive due to increased fat. Weight gain in an inactive person can lead to diseases like heart disease, liver, blood pressure and arthritis.

Excessive junk food, spicy food intake, calorie-rich diet, high intake of beverages (alcohol) and very low intake of fruits, vegetables increase obesity in a person. So before talking about this, it is necessary for us to know what is obesity?

What is Obesity (fat)?

Obesity is a condition when too much body fat accumulates on the body and starts to affect our health. Many diseases start occurring in our body. Possibly this obesity can also reduce our lifespan.

What are the symptoms of obesity (reduce body fat)

Due to increasing obesity on the body, many changes occur physically and mentally. But many people ignore the symptoms of obesity. Do not take any advice from the doctor, due to which they have to face many problems in the coming time. So let’s know about some of the symptoms of obesity which is as follows.

Back and joint pain

When obesity is born inside a person, then the person usually suffers from back and joint pain. Which can become a terrible disease in the coming times.

Sleep too much or less

Often you have seen that many people sleep more than necessary. Those people will also make you look lazy. This means that their body has started increasing obesity. One should become aware of obesity in time.

Feeling more tired everyday

Some people feel tired even without doing any work. If this happens to them daily then it is also a big symptom of obesity.

Lack of self-esteem and confidence

When unable to do any work and he is surrounded by sickness. In this way, if the person does not have the ability to work inside, then he lacks confidence and self-esteem.

How to reduce body fat with exercise

We know enough about how weight increases and what is it? Now it comes to know how to get rid of it? A person realizes weight gain when his clothes start getting tight. Then the person starts worrying and that anxiety increases obesity further. Due to obesity, it also spoils our personality. We start feeling embarrassed and think of reducing it. We will tell you all the things, keeping in mind what exercises we can do to get rid of your obesity.

Strength exercise is necessary

It is very important to do strength exercises to work the weight. Strength exercise can also be called weight training. By which you have to increase your muscle mass. It is a big misconception that lifting weights increases your size. This does not happen at all, but by lifting the weight, your body fat starts to decrease and gives the body the right shape.

You should go to the gym today or start a workout at home with weight. May not be too much fat while tomorrow. Apart from this, you can also do circuit training. This means you have to exercise fast and do not rest in between. To do this, you should start doing other exercises as soon as you put some sets in one exercise. In this way you can burn excessive calories. It reduces fat and fat rapidly. Gives muscles a new shape. With the help of this exercise, you can burn 9-10 calories in 1 minute.

Zumba (dance) can eliminate obesity with exercise

Zumba exercise is also a good way to eliminate obesity. If you do not like going to the gym then you can choose Zumba exercise. Mostly everyone likes to dance. This is a great way for you. If you like dance, along with reducing obesity, you can also enjoy this exercise daily. Zumba exercise is also known as calorie burning exercise. Along with reducing calories, it will make your body strong and beautiful.

Swimming exercise is beneficial to reduce obesity

It reduces obesity rapidly. Swimming keeps your whole body active, which is to give a new shape to your body. In this way, the body remains fit and fast fat decreases. Swimming burns 600 to 700 calories in an hour. Under swimming, you can choose breaststroke or freestyle any exercise that you like. All the muscles of the body work by swimming, which gives strength in the body as well as shape.

Lose weight with cardio exercise

This exercise is the best way to keep the heart healthy with the whole body. We have the largest amount of fat stored on our heart compared to our body. Due to which there is a risk of heart thread. While doing cardio, it is necessary to keep in mind that all exercises are done fast. Blood circulation will be good in all parts of the body and calories will be burnt more. The cardio encompasses a number of exercises such as jogging, cycling, cross jack, skipping, sprinting, jump lunges, jumping jack, burpee, high nose and step-ups.

Diet for reduce body fat

Nutrition is the most important character to decrease or increase mass. Your diet contributes 70 to 75 percent in fitness. Therefore, we will tell you what kind of diet you should use if you want to lose weight.

Consume complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are very useful for our body because the primary role of carbohydrates is to provide energy to the muscles throughout the body. It is also the only source of energy for the brain. Its sufficient amount of protein prevents it from being used for energy so that the protein can function for muscle repair and growth. There are 2 types of carbohydrates – simple and complex carbohydrates. You should always use complex carbohydrates. Because they are digested very slowly and provide energy to the body for a long time. Complex carbohydrates occur in grains and vegetables that help reduce fat and increase metabolism. Simple carbohydrate eats products made from fine flour or sugar that act to increase fat in the body. So you always need to avoid them.

Green tea is beneficial

Consuming green tea also helps in reducing fat. It contains nutrients that help to keep your body’s immune system and metabolism correct. It also protects you from many types of diseases.

Protein rich diet is necessary

Whether you want to lose weight or want to increase weight, there will always be a need for protein. Protein is very essential for our muscles because muscle is made up of proteins. Protein is very important to include in your diet to lose weight. This prevents your muscles from shrinking. There are many sources of protein but vegetarian people may face a lack of protein. There are lots of proteins for non-vegetarians.

  • Non-vegetarian: Eggs, Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Beef, Milk, curd, Paneer etc.
  • Vegetarian: Sprouted lentils, sprouted moong, sprouted chickpeas, rajma, milk, paneer, curd, soy, tofu and dry fruits etc.

Conclusion reduce body fat

In this topic we have known that what is fat? What are the causes and symptoms of increasing obesity. What should we do to avoid obesity? Hope you have understood all the things well. We would like to tell you to be conscious about your health. Take care of your health. If you have increased obesity, try to reduce it immediately. May you always be healthy, be happy.


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