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How to reduce percent body fat | How to lose belly fat naturally in 1 week

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How to reduce percent body fat

How to reduce percent body fat: If you want to reduce your weight or abdominal fat, then this article will prove to be beneficial for you. According to a research, if you wake up daily in the morning and consume hot water. So it is very effective solution to reduce your health and obesity. But if you exercise freshly after drinking water, then very soon your body and stomach fat will start to decrease very fast. If you do the workouts on an empty stomach in the morning then it will prove to be twice as effective as the workouts in the afternoon and evening.

According to a survey, some people do workouts after meals, which is not right for weight loss. Therefore, we would advise you that if you want to lose weight fast then do an exercise on an empty stomach.

Benefits of doing an empty stomach workout

It is beneficial to lose weight very fast – although you may have already heard that one should exercise on an empty stomach. Because this method has been going on since very old times. But one thing must be kept in mind that it is very important to eat lukewarm water as soon as you wake up in the morning. It is also very important to have freshness after consuming water. If you want, you can also drink lemon mixed with water. This method is more effective in reducing your weight than plain water. Now you are ready to exercise. You should eat healthy snacks and fluids after exercising.

Affect cholesterol level

People who exercise on an empty stomach in the morning. Blood is able to circulate well in his body. This is why their cholesterol remains under control. Which makes their heart healthy and strong. People who have bad cholesterol. They are prone to obesity, accumulation of excess fat on the stomach, and heart attack.

Blood sugar control

In the morning, by exercising the stomach, body fat is reduced, along with blood sugar is also under control. Which reduces the risk of diabetes / diabetes. This is why it helps more in reducing body fat.

Reasons to increase body fat

In most people, the problem of increasing obesity is increasing rapidly. Similarly, a lot of fat is being deposited on their body. The following are the reasons for fast fat growth on the body. Which are given below.

  • Unhealthy Food & Drink
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Having a bad routine
  • Pollution and indigestion problem
  • Excess intake of fast Food
  • Genetic
  • Change in hormones
  • Excess alcohol consumption

Remedy to reduce percent body fat

To lose body weight, we have to change our routine. In order to reduce body fat and belly fat, we have to take special care of balanced diet and exercise. To work body weight, we have to take care of some main things. Which are given below.

Change diet to lose weight

Diet plays an important role to reduce belly fat and body weight, to stay healthy or to avoid diseases. Similarly, to reduce body fat or weight, it is very important to change your diet. Which are being told below you.

  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Do not be hungry. Never skip any food.
  • You should divide your food into 6 portions and eat it. One should eat in three big (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and three small portions (snacks).
  • Start your day with hot water, lemon water soaked with almonds.
  • Include protein in your diet.
  • Eat fruits, salads and nuts during the day.

Exercise for reduce percent body fat

Whether you want to lose weight or increase your weight, then exercise is very important for you. Exercise keeps your body healthy and strong. To lose fat, you need to exercise daily. If you want to reduce belly fat fast then you can go to the gym. You should do weight training to lose weight fast because it will give you afterburn. Which means that whenever you do weight training, the muscles start breaking. Due to this break-up, the body requires more energy to repair muscles. To get this energy, our body starts using stored fat. Which can help you to lose weight a lot.

Sleep deeply

If you want to lose weight or increase weight, then you must sleep deeply. Complete and good sleep is very beneficial for our health. Our body starts working only when we are in a state of rest. Therefore, completion of your sleep is very important for weight gain. During sleep, the body is involved in the work of repairing muscles. You must have about 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day.

Eat green vegetables

If you eat green vegetables as a salad, you can lose weight very fast. Many types of vitamins and minerals are found in them, which the body needs. Therefore, to keep it healthy, you should also eat green vegetables.

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