How to remove the kidney stone | Symptoms and treatment.

How to remove the kidney stone

How to remove the kidney stone?

How to remove the kidney stone: Kidney stones are called kidney stones in English. When the amount of phosphorus, chemical uric acid, oxalic acid and calcium in urine increases, stones are formed. The mixing and unification of all these mineral salts gradually creates stones. There may also be one or more stones inside the kidney. In the beginning, the stones may be small but increase in size.

Symptoms of kidney stones –

Kidney stones do not show symptoms quickly because stones can remain inside the kidney without pain. But when the stones release the kidneys, they can get trapped in the ureter, going from the urethra to the bladder. So it can cause inflammation of the kidneys (hydro nephrosis). Which can prove to be very painful. If the stones are small, then the urethra may pass out through the bladder.

Following are the symptoms of kidney stones –

  1. Repeated urination.
  2. Bleeding in urine and thickening of urine.
  3. Soreness in urine (Urine). And acute neediness when urinating.
  4. Very small amounts of urine at one time.
  5. Spasms in the lower back and pain in the arm which are very unbearable. There may also be fluctuations in the intensity of pain. And this pain can also come back after some time. Stone pain can also reach between the lower back and thighs, which are very painful.
  6. Burning sensation on urine.
  7. The man may feel pain at the tip of the penis.
  8. Vomiting and fever.
  9. The colour of urine can also be dark brown or red. Sometime there are blood cells in the urine, which cannot be seen with our naked eyes.
  10. Pain while urinating.

Kidney stone extract treatment –

In kidney stone, you have to take special care of your diet. If the size of the stone is smaller than 5 millimetres, you can remove kidney stones only through your food. If you are going through unbearable pain then you should consult your doctor immediately. So let us know what we should take care of.

Water is helpful in removing kidney stones- If your kidneys have stones whose size is small then drinking 8 -10 glasses of water daily can easily remove the stones. Due to which kidney stones are release from the urethra.

Kidney stone can be extracted from pomegranate juice – Pomegranates are prevent the formation of stones due to their alkaline properties. Potassium present in pomegranates prevents the formation of crystals and minerals. Stones are formed by minerals and crystals. This keeps our acid levels normal. Pomegranates are very beneficial for kidney stones.

Drink plenty of fluids – To get rid of kidney stone, maximum fluid intake is very important. For example, watermelon, cucumber, carrot, coconut water, radish etc. can be consumed. The amount of water is found in these substances, due to which our body stay hydrated and stone is excreted through urine.

Vitamin B is necessary for kidney stone – According to the doctor, vitamin B is very important to get rid of kidney stones. By taking regular dose of Vitamin B 100 -150 mg, you can get rid of kidney stone.

Daily intake of 5-7 basil leaves – acetic acid and oil are present inside the basil, which helps in breaking stones. Due to which the stones break into small pieces and reach the ureter from the urethra and pass out through the bladder. For this, we should chew 5 -7 basil leaves daily.

Onion water is beneficial for removing stone – Cook two medium size onion in a big glass of water and grind them when they cool down. After grinding, filter it and consume it for one to two days. Due to its use, stones will come out.

What not to eat in kidney stone?

  1. If you have a kidney stone, you should consume a lot of sodium (salt).
  2. Meat and fish should not be consume.
  3. Protein-rich foods should be consume sparingly.
  4. Avoid consumption of oxalate substances. Such as peanuts, almonds etc.
  5. Canned food should be avoid.
  6. Do not consume pickles and junk food.
  7. Tomatoes, brinjal seeds or brinjal, urad and gram lentils, raw rice etc. can increase the problem of stones. Avoid them if you have stones.
  8. Do not consume cold drink. And do not let uric acid content increase.

When is it recommend to go to the doctor?

If kidney stone pain is unbearable and persist for a long time, you should immediately go to the doctor and get examined. Otherwise, there may be a risk of bladder infection and inflammation of the kidney may also occur during excessive pain.


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