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What is surya namaskar | Importance of surya namaskar

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What is surya namaskar?

What is surya namaskar: Today, in this article, we will talk about Surya Namaskar. To explain the importance of the Sun, our religious texts have been discussed since time immemorial. Even today, the Sun is a mystery about which there is complete information. Constant searches are going on. But one thing is certain that it has been attracting us since time immemorial.

Importance of surya namaskar:

Whether we talk about today’s time or previous ages, the sun has always been giving us life-giving energy. And even today all of us and scientists look forward to discovering more information about the Sun. To know about the Sun, today’s scientists are doing one day-by-day. Whereas our ancestor Rishi-Muni also knew the divinity of Sun and its use. The Sun provides life-giving energy not only to our body but also to our subtle body. In today’s era (Kalyug), the sun should be called a ball of fire or a planet, but in ancient times, many of its secrets were known by our sage- munios (mystics). he art of using it was taken to the public welfare. Which are still being used today.

Now the knowledge of the sun is disappearing. Before we talk further here, we want to discuss a little about the mysteries of the sun so that whenever we greet the sun, we have a passion, faith and reverence for the sun so that we all can benefit from it.

There are 12 positions in one frequency of Surya Namaskar. Each easy has its own mantra. In which each action has its own benefits. This performed daily as per rules is more beneficial than other exercises. The less you describe the sun god, the less. So, now we will know about the method of saluting the sun god.

Ancient history of sun salutations:

This literally means to offer or salute the sun. The main reason for performing Surya Namaskar is that we get life-giving energy through the Sun and to show gratitude to the sun. It can be said that the artificial statue installed in the Sun or it may be said that the practice of dedicating the adorable to the Sun has been going on since the beginning. When the first Chakravarty king of this Bharata land used to greet the jinalayas situated in the Sun. But due to some reason its propagation-type could not be more.

Nevertheless, the Acharyas of South India assimilated it and kept this rule alive. Whenever he used to visit the pilgrimages of India, he used to greet the sun every day. In this way, people of pilgrimage places followed them and followed the method of Surya Namaskar. So in this way again the propagation of Surya Namaskar spread throughout India.

Modern history of sun salutations:

It has very simple postures, but Vedamurthy Shripad Damodar Satavalekar of Pardi district of Surat (Gujarat) introduced the twelve-digit Namaskar method, which is used all over India. Guru Samarth Ramdas taught Sivaji Maharaj the method of Surya Namaskar which he practiced carefully. Therefore his body and character are unique in history. Sivaji Maharaj taught the method of Surya Namaskar to all his soldiers and thus the propagation of Surya Namaskar increased. Being the ideal Beej Mantra and Kriya Mantra of Surya Namaskar, the scientificity twelve points increases.

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